HVAC Load Calculation – Heat Loss/Gain Calculation

Cold air and hot air are always trying to reach an equilibrium. All homes receive heat from the outside during the warm summer months and lose heat to the outside during the cold winter months. That is why homes need to make up for heat loss and gain.

Achieving a temperature in your home that is comfortable throughout the year, requires that you have the right size heating and cooling units for your home. One of the best ways to ensure that you have the right size unit for your house, is to have a heat lost/gain calculation performed.

When performing a heat loss/gain calculation, we take into account not only the square footage but also how much heat is coming into your house on a hot summer day and how much heat escapes your home during the winter.

This calculation takes into effect

  • How much, and the type of insulation you have in your home
  • Which way your home faces
  • How many windows you have as well as their efficiency
  • The type of exterior from which your home is constructed
  • Your ceiling construction
  • Your floor construction
  • How many fireplaces your home contains
  • Your air duct gain/loss
  • The number of appliances in your home
  • The number of people that are in your home during a typical day

The experts at A&D Heating and Cooling can perform a heat/loss gain calculation for your home to help you determine the right HVAC unit that will help you achieve your optimal comfort results. Contact us today to set up your heat/loss gain calculation appointment.