Commercial Duct Cleaning in Lee’s Summit by A&D Heating and Cooling

In thriller movies, we always see spies crawling through the air ducts of a commercial building and these ducts are sparkling clean. Trust us when we say this is rarely the case! The ducts in commercial real estate are often neglected and become very dirty. Dirty air ducts impede the air quality that is circulating throughout the building and causes the HVAC system to work harder to push air, costing more money in energy bills.

A&D Heating and Cooling offers commercial duct cleaning to keep your ducts clean and free of debris. Improving the air quality with clean ducts will make employees feel healthier at work and help make the days of employees with allergies a little bit easier. Also clean ducts will be able to move air easily, saving money on how much energy it takes for the HVAC system to function.

In addition to cleaning ducts, A&D Heating and Cooling also hosts a full metal sheet shop for custom duct work for your business. A&D has the ability to cut, form, and deliver all duct work and fittings for any job in-house. This will help reduce how much service you need for your ducts, saving your business time and money.

If you are interested in commercial duct cleaning for your business or custom duct work from our full metal sheet shop, give A&D Heating and Cooling a call at 816-537-7952 for Missouri or 913-681-9030 for Kansas.